Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transfer files between PC and Android device over WiFi

Transferring files between your Android and PC over wifi

To do this over WiFi I recommend you to download and use SwiFTP .

Connect to your PC using wifi (This may be using a router to a network where your PC is also connected or simply connect it ).

Install SwiFTP from the market

Open the SwiFTP application in your android.

Setup the settings for connections in SwiFTP

  • Set a username.
  • Set a password
  • Set a IP be careful not to assign an IP which is already active in your network and preferably assign an IP which you have been already using in your device while connecting over network.
  • Set a proxy random 4 digit (use 2121)
  • Check the first two of other options.
  • Save  your settings 

Now Click the start button you will see something like this, note the Wifi URL

To connect to a PC you will have to follow the following steps.

For Linux based OS 

  • Open nautilus (your default file manager)
  • Click on the file menu
  • Click " Connect to sever "

  • Now fill in all the details as shown in the screenshot change the IP, username,port etc as you have given in SwiWifi

Once you click connect you can easily avail all your content of a android phone in your PC