Saturday, November 26, 2011

Asus K53SV SX521 Review

I bought my K53SV about a week back thought of writing a review as I didn't find any reviews from India for the specific model till now.

For Complete Specification of the model click here


K53SV comes with tough aluminium case which is lighter and satin in finish.Its not of some kind material which can attract dust or finger prints.I'm personally satisfied with its case and design.Its better than Dell XPS casing and moreover similar to that of HPs casing.Also, K53SV was designed according to the IceCool technology. This is responsible for the cool palm resting area. The components, which release a lot of heat, were positioned in such a way that the heat is able to dissipate.

The case of our tested device is very stable. The surface can only be dented marginally. Even the area around the optical drive, which is often the biggest weak spot as far as stability is concerned, can withstand localized pressure. This is valid for the bottom as well as the top of the notebook. Additionally the case is also not bendable.
The display lid in comparison can be dented considerably in the middle, which is within limits though. The hinges hold the display firmly in place. When adjusting the opening angle the display only wobbles a small amount.

The notebook itself stays completely still on the desktop, which is amongst other things due to the considerable weight of 2.7 kilograms. Altogether the manufacturing quality leaves a high quality impression.


K53SV series comes with I5 or I7 processor which is quiet fast for normal computing purpose.
Regarding K53SV-SX21 I have core-i7 2670qm processor with 2.2Ghz clock and turbo boosts upto 3.4Ghz.The 2670qm is about 10% better than 2630qm which is cheaper with 2.0Ghz clock speed.

Graphics Card

K53SV series come with Nvidia Geforce graphics card with optimus technology.In SX21 it comes with 540M Geforce with 2GB of dedicated graphics memory which is listed in the class 2 graphics card in notebookcheck website.This card can handle most of the currently available games in the market without any lag.Personally I tried Assasins Revelations, Fifa 12, Akraman city with higher graphics settings all of them worked without any problem.While playing crysis I was able to notice some lags when graphics settings are set to ultra.

Ram and Hard-Disk 

The HDD that Asus supply with this series is 5400rpm Western Digital made with 500 or 750 GB of space.But this one lacks the response of the 7200rpm one which is available in Dell Xps.I have noticed in my laptop it responds too slowly at times when I tries to copy or move some files.

In SX521 model you will get 750GB HDD and 8GB  RAM.


K53SV has all the modern connectivity technologies within it namely the Bluetooth and WiFi.It comes with  Bluetooth 3.0 version in selected models.In my model ie SX521 it comes with Bluetooth V3.0.

In order to enjoy watching HD movies on an external monitor, there are a VGA output as well as an HDMI interface available.


The possibilities to connect to a network or to communicate with other devices are more on the sparse side. The Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (Gigabyte LAN) makes it possible to connect a LAN cable, while wireless LAN is made possible by the Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (bgn).


When it comes to the included accessories the Taiwanese manufacturer has made some savings. Along with the notebook and the AC adapter, there is merely some printed documents such as the handbook in the box

Input Devices

The chiclet keyboard has a complete alpha-numeric keypad. The somewhat smaller keys have a generous distance between them, but are a little slippery. To make up for this the pressure point is nicely crisp though. The keys have a rather hard end stop, and a medium key travel. Frequent typers should be able to get used to the included chiclet keyboard over time.

The touchpad is below the space bar, and is ideally suited to the design of the notebook. The PalmProof technology is supposed to interpret unintended contact with the sensitive surface as accidental, and does not process this. The cursor is therefore only supposed to move when a finger operates the touchpad. The PalmProof technology was also able to prove itself in practice, and there were no empty promises. Nevertheless, vertical and horizontal scroll bars are missing. The two mouse buttons unfortunately only have a very short key travel.


The 15.6 inch display has a model description of CPT14C7. The HD panel has a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Higher resolutions are possible with an external display. The panel has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and has a reflective surface. The contrast of the glare-type display lies at a mere 181:1, and thus makes it into the average range of comparable devices at the best of times.
Is the Asus K53SV equipped for outdoor use with its 15.6 inch display? The answer to this question is rather on the disillusioning side: Within limits. Those that want to use the K53SV outdoors in the open, will at the very least have to find a place in the shade. Under direct sunlight users will see themselves on the display more than anything else.
The viewing angle stability doesn't live up to expectations either. 

As already mentioned the Asus K53SV makes use of the IceCool technology. This is supposed to keep the surfaces, and particularly the palm resting area, cool at all times. In an idle state the case does indeed stay relatively cool on the top surface with an average of 25.2 degrees Celsius, as well as the bottom surface with an average of 25.1 degrees Celsius.

Asus provides a 24 month warranty with pickup & return (battery 1 year) for this model in the K-series.


The Asus K53SV multimedia notebook in its SX21V version left amixed impression. For a price of around 48000 rupees buyers receive a useful device, which does have its weaknesses though.
What was able to impress us was the stable case made of aluminum. The palm resting area never gets too warm thanks to the IceCool technology. The system noise is also a positive aspect. What dulls the good impression is the reflective display with a meager brightness, and narrow viewing angles. 
The performance of the mainstream model with an Intel Core i7 2670qm, as well as an Nvidia GeForce GT 540M, appears to be sufficient for most application scenarios. 
From where should you buy this product?

Use the link given below to buy SX521D from flipkart (recommended) 
For Complete Specification of the model click here

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Best cricket Games available (Flash Based)

I'm crazy about batting, someone who always wanted to BAT and hates fielding for long boring periods which made me addicted to flash based cricket games.

I'm sharing some of best flash based cricket games available online..

1- Cricket Flash Game 

There are some good and not so good points about this one. If you love to bat, give this a go. No need to field or bowl, there’s a training session (Turn random off) where you can practice before playing. Game goes for 15 overs, use your arrow keys to control your shots.
2- Top Spinner Cricket Game

Top Spinner is one of a kind flash based cricket game. At first glance, you might not get it but when you do, you’ll love it. It’s addictive and needs mouse control (resembles a Wii) not cursor keys like other cricket games. Keep your mouse cursor on the game and move it as the balls come. You’ll also notice that if you play a high shot, it will be a catch (Yellow zone) so don’t try to hit hard. A must must recommended game for all cricket lovers.
3- Flash Cricket 2 

Flash Cricket 2 is a goal based game. You don’t need to go for all the overs and play like you do in normal games but you have to achieve goals and open up new levels. For example, round 1 requires you to hit a 4 and when you do, next round opens and so on. Honestly, I get stuck in the middle myself, requires lot of skill.
4- nPower Test Cricket Series 

Alright, this game has been my favorite for a long time. It’s easy to play, neat graphics and addictive. nPower test cricket does not require much skill, you need to control your shots with the cursor keys and go for the highest score. I remember playing this with my friends all the time and competing against each other for highest scores.
5- Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is one of the most popular flash based cricket games out there. Cricket games over at Stick Cricket are no doubt great. Graphics, sounds and playability of their cricket games is outstanding. If you are a cricket fan, you got to check their games out. 5 Stars from my side!
And the last one Howzat cricket

To play this one you need to  have a Facebook connect and this is my current favorite where you have multi player option and good graphics game-plan etc but the only thing is that you cant play this one for unlimited amount of time.

Happy Cricket!