Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blocking a particular contact from Gmail Chat

If  your  ' x ' or you have a creepy friend to whom you don't want to talk and he is always annoying you through Gmail chat here is a way to block him...

If you want to block someone particular from Gmail chat this is what you can do.

Be permanently invisible to him/her.

It's like  you will be appearing permanently invisible to him/her for this you will have to block the contact from Gmail's chat.

Just go to your Gmail account search for the contact you want to block and select more option and enable block.

Even if you block someone he/she will be able to mail you.(To stop receiving emails from a contact you will have to create filters)

If you block them they will see you as offline and you will not get their chat
How to check if you are blocked by someone:
If they  send you a chat it will say  "xyz   is offline and can't receive messages right now".

If they are not blocked but you are offline  :It will say " xyz is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when xyz comes online."

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