Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cowon iAudio E2 Review

Here is the review for one of the best screen less mp3 player ( ipod shuffle like device).

Sound Quality

Its more or less better than Apple Ipod shuffles music quality. It has better clarity but lacks in maximum sound ( Though the sound will be enough for most people ). This device come with some preset equalizers which can be toggled using a button ( Ipod shuffle lacks this feature ) .
Overall the sound quality GREAT!


Made with plastic kinda material but its really strong ( not as strong as Ipod its metal body).

Formats Supported

  1. Mp3
  2. Wma
  3. Wav
  4. Ogg
  5. FLAC

Apple shuffle doesnt support most of these formats.


  • Can skip folders using volume buttons ( switch off shuffle press volume button twice within 2 seconds ) this feature is really good for screen less players
  • Equalizers
  • Can be used as a Key chain or Can be attached to your jean / Shirt buttons 
  • Compact design 
  • 10 hours of battery life + takes just 90 minutes to charge Full
  • This device doesnt require any particular software to transfer data .As a result it can be used with any os through USB connection unlike Apple shuffle which requires iTunes.
  • In India E2 comes with one year warranty.

Overall this is a great equipment which is very small good for those who do jogging / gym. Better than Apple shuffle in most of the features. I really recommend this product really satisfied with the quality.

You Can Buy this product in India from these online vendors.

Flipkart / Infibeam