Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ebooks, Videos, and other resources to learn Drupal.

E-Books Recommended

1) Using Drupal - Byron, Walker, et al - O'Reilly
2) Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions - Noble - Packt
3) Drupal 6 Site Blueprints - Ogunjobi - Packt
4) Drupal Multimedia - Winborn - Packt
5) Learning Drupal 6 Module Development - Butcher - Packt

Video Tutorials

You can get video tutorials of Drupal from some premium sites like
I tried using tutorials from,but I recommend you to use ebook and websites to learn Drupal.
(All tutorials are available on torrent)

Beginner Level Tutorials

Here are some basic things you want to know before you get started with Drupal. Some easy readings on this page. It would be worth while to make some notes.

 If you want a complete book for beginners checkout Drupal cookbook for Beginners [PDF] . If you want to read it online check this link.

If you are looking for begginer level instructions on installing, and configuring drupal, changing themes, making basic search engine setups, and do backup/ upgrades etc. you will enjoy this tutorial,

This is the ultimate , Site recipes . As with cooking, there are many ways to assemble a Drupal site. You can arrive at widely different destinations with the same or similar modules. By perusing these guides, you will be able to decide for yourself what is appropriate for your site.

Another one page introduction on IBM website on "Getting Started with Drupal"

This article is not complete till I mention about the most important of all the tutorials which is Video Tutorials and Screencasts . A huge collection of videos from different sites will leave no stone unturned.